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Policy for National Students

Prospective students are invited to contact the Admission Office to inquire about our study programs, admissions criteria, tuition fees, and available student services or apply online by completing the application form which is available on https://cit.edu.al/admissions-3/


You will be contacted for further information by the Admission Officer.


No expenses are charged for an application submission, for both domestic and international students.


The Admission Office is your first stop at University College “Canadian Institute of Technology”!


The Admission Office maintains an open-door policy and welcomes all prospective students and their families.


We assist interested students throughout the admissions process at “Canadian Institute of Technology” in a manner that is equitable, efficient, timely, and applicant-friendly.

Important Deadlines for Admission

The application period at CIT is open throughout the year, but registration only takes place in September.


The registration process and the calendar with the deadlines are established every year by an order of Albanian Academic Network and Albanian Educational Service Centre.


CIT sets the deadlines for the admission/registration in undergraduate and graduate study programs in accordance with the instruction of the Ministry of Education and Sport and the order of AAN and AESC.

Eligibility requirements for Bachelor Study Programs

To register in our university, all high school students must select University College “Canadian Institute of Technology” as one of their 10 choices available in UAlbania Portal.


To register in the UAlbania portal to study in one of our programs you should have:

    • Completed the high school with successful results and equipped with the Maturity Diploma;
    • Successfully completed higher education abroad, equipped with their respective diploma, and have the diploma recognized (equivalence) by the Educational Services Center (QSHA);
    • A high school GPA of 6.5 and above;
For Rankings

For all candidates who have the same average grade, to ensure a more accurate ranking, the University College “CIT” will apply the calculation formula as follows:

  • 70% of the high school average grade for all years and 30% of the average grade of the subject group evaluated as important for each study program;
  • 30% of the subject group for the programs of the Faculty of Economy will consist of:
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Economy
  • 30% of the subject group for the programs of the Faculty of Engineering will consist of:
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Informatics
English Language Criteria

The candidate must have an English language average grade of 6 or higher according to the mandatory English exam or the State Matura optional English exam.


In cases where the candidate has not taken the mandatory or optional English language exam in the State Matura, the institutional test or any type of international certification recognized by MoES will be considered valid. The minimum English level required is B1.

Eligibility requirements for Master of Sciences programs

The Canadian Institute of Technology requires all new students to fill out an application form in order to be accepted into one of the Master of Science programs offered at CIT.


This form can be filled out on-line or in the premises of the Admission Office.


Students will classify to be admitted in one of the Master programs if they meet the following criteria:

  • Have successfully completed their studies in the Republic of Albania or abroad and obtained the relevant Diploma, from a first study cycle “Bachelor” program or an integrated second study cycle program accredited at the moment of the student graduation;
  • Have an average GPA preferably no lower than 7.5.
  • The English level required is B1 or higher. In case the candidate has completed his bachelor studies at a university in which teaching takes place in the English language, then the English language certificate is not an obligation for him.

International tests recognized under MoES guideline are:

  • Cambridge
  • GESE

The English Certificate is valid as defined by the issuing institution.

Finalizing your registration at the respective Secretaries

After checking your status as a winner at UAlbania portal (https://ualbania.al/), you must go to the secretary’s office to finalize your registration and acquire your student status. 


The registration fee is 300 €.


To complete the registration, you need the documents listed below:


Registration in Bachelor’s Programs

  • A notarized copy of the high school diploma and transcripts with a GPA of at least 6.5/10
  • An Identification document (ID card or passport photocopy)
  • 2 Photos
  • Statement printed by the HEI
  • Application form (printed at the HEI)

Registration in Master Programs:

  • Notarized Copy of Bachelor Diploma and the Grade List
  • Notarized and certified copy in the Regional Education Directorate of the High School diploma and the Grade List.
  • An Identification document (ID card or passport photocopy)
  • 2 Photos
  • International Certificate of English Language Test
  • Statement printed by the IAL
Letter of Admission

During the registration process the CIT secretaries keep a separate register for the submission of documentation, the date and time of submission, as well as the signature of registered applicants. After signing the register, the CIT secretary, in the presence of the applicant, performs the online registration on the U-Albania portal.


At the end of the procedure, the applicant and secretary sign two copies of the form printed by the system, one of which is given to the applicant.

Falsified Admission Documents

In case of submitting forged documents, the student is subject to the measures provided by the Criminal Code and other laws and by-laws in force. 


In case of doubt about the authenticity of the information declared, the institution responsible for providing the educational service and/or CIT, initiates the data control procedure, eventually forwarding this data to the competent bodies.

Signing the study contract

After finalizing your registration at the secretary’s office, you have to sign the study contract which will clarify the following topics:

  • Legal Framework
  • Rights and Obligations of both parties;
  • Study program
  • Tuition fees
  • Refund
  • Installments
  • payment method;
  • Term of contract;
  • Termination of contract
Official CIT Student Status

Upon registration, you will be given your email account, with which you can also access CIT UMS (system).  


The first week is programmed as an orientation week, during which the students meet their professors.


The professors will explain the course syllabus, the methodology they will use during the academic year and the total number of credits required to pass in the next academic year.

Suspension and resumption of studies

Students’ can request the suspension (freezing) of the studies for short periods of time. To suspend the studies the student must fill out the dedicated form, which can be found in the secretary’s office or on the website in the following link: https://cit.edu.al/student.


  • For the interruption of studies for short periods, the student must fill in the relevant form, found at the Faculty Secretary’s Office or on the website, in which they explain the reasons and indicate the duration for which the interruption of studies is requested.
  • After completing the form, the student submits it to the faculty secretary’s office and awaits approval from the faculty’s governing structures (Dean).
  • Within 7 working days they will receive an official response for the request submitted by the Dean of the Faculty.
  • Students, to whom the interruption of studies is approved for a specified period, will have no financial burden for the approved period.


  • In all cases, the approval of the interruption of studies should not exceed 1 (one) semester, and in special cases it should not exceed 2 (two) consecutive semesters.
  • For students who discontinue their studies without receiving the faculty’s approval, the contractual relationship will continue to apply and there will be no interruption of the financial obligation.

Resumption of studies

For the resumption of studies for students who have interrupted them for reasons stated in the interruption request form, the student must complete the respective form available at the faculty secretary’s office or on the website in the following link: https://cit.edu.al/student.


After completing the form, they submit it to the faculty secretary’s office. Within 7 working days, they will receive an official response to their request from the Dean of the Faculty.

Withdrawal from University

At the end of the semester or before the beginning of a new one, students can request a withdrawal from the University for reasons like studies abroad, financial difficulties, English Language difficulties, medical reasons etc.


The student must fill out the dedicated form and submit the request to the secretary.  The form can be found in the secretary’s office or on the website, in the following link: https://cit.edu.al/student. The request for withdrawal is evaluated and in case of approval the Rector orders the student’s deregistration from “Canadian Institute of Technology”.


The Canadian Institute of Technology can initiate the procedure for the withdrawal from the University for Students in cases of cheating, plagiarism or other behaviors against the regulation and procedures of CIT.