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The Alumni Network is a bridge between yesterday’s students and today’s world leaders.


The projected vision of the alumni is to create a big family where ethical conduct and prized values are shared among the members across generations.


Upon graduation, you will automatically become an alumnus of the Canadian Institute of Technology and a member of its Alumni Network.


Being part of our alumni network provides a wide range of benefits such as: Growing a vital and powerful community which takes care not only for himself but for future generations as well, cultivating a professional lifelong culture that engages everyone in search for professional growth by sharing their experience with potential students, or just staying in contact with our university college.

Alumni Office

The Canadian Institute of Technology also has an Office for ALUMNI which is headed by a coordinator and an assistant coordinator. The office provides important information about itself and its objectives on the official website.


The Alumni office aims to give unconditional support to all graduated students over the years in order to share a caring culture by engaging them in all activities and rewarding their efforts.

Objectives and actions

  • Engage alumni in the activities of students
  • Engage alumni in the activities of the institution
  • Promote alumni achievements to students and the community as well
  • Create opportunities for collaboration between alumni and students
  • Engage and promote alumni leaders
  • Encourage them in creating professional clubs
  • Provide effective communication channels and engage them in dialogues
  • Engage alumni in the decision-making processes of the institution
  • Expand professional development services and programs
  • Create a strong partnership between alumni and career center
  • Develop correlations between engagement and institutional support
  • Establish performance indicators that might be used for rewarding
  • Make them feel that they belong to our big and ever-growing family
  • Recall them for anniversaries
  • Organize events and activities including all alumni
  • Invite them to share their expertise in any decision making
  • Promote collaborations with alumni entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Communicate with students to make them clear what it means to become an alumnus
  • Engage alumni in important milestones of current students
  • Create students’ opportunities for mentorship in relation to alumni
  • Build bridges between student clubs and alumni clubs
  • Involve students in alumni activities

  Email: [email protected]