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Canadian Institute of Technology University College (CIT) is owned by C.I.T. sh.p.k, which has its primary activity in education in Albania.

CIT offers its teaching programs in English, and its curricula meet the requirements and standards of higher education in Europe and North America. Furthermore, education at CIT is provided in suitable environments by locally qualified academic staff with international teaching experience, as well as international academic staff with experience in business and technology development and implementation.

CIT’s facilities are located in the heart of Albania, in Tirana. It has sufficient and appropriate facilities for students and academic and administrative staff. CIT’s facilities provide the necessary capacities for students and include lecture halls, various classrooms, 6 laboratories (4 computer laboratories, 1 physics laboratory, and 1 chemistry laboratory), study rooms, offices for academic and administrative staff, parking, and a cafeteria. The classrooms are equipped with all necessary contemporary and professional equipment, such as computers, projectors, etc.

The staff of our university is a dedicated and qualified team, comprised of professors, researchers, and administrative personnel. With rich experience and expertise in their respective fields, they support our mission of providing quality higher education and contribute to the development of knowledge through innovative research. Through their close interaction with students, they encourage conscientious learning and foster the personal and professional development of each student. Our staff is distinguished for their commitment to the institution and their ongoing contribution to the academic and intellectual spirit of the university.

CIT Ubejd Osmani

Ubejd Osmani


CIT Bledar Komina

Bledar Komina

QUA Manager

CIT Assoc. Prof. Vasil Qano

Assoc.Prof.Vasil Qano

Zevendes Rektor

CIT Dr. Edmira Cakrani

Dr. Edmira Cakrani

Zevendes dekane

CIT Dr. Enriko Ceko

Dr. Enriko Ceko

Përgjegjës Departamenti

CIT Assoc. Prof. Artur Jaupaj

Asoc.Prof.Artur Jaupaj


CIT Quality Assurance Unit was first established in the academic year 2012-2013 by means of decision no. 16 dated 22.05.2013 of the Academic Senate. QAU has also been reorganized several times in order to better reflect the changes of the academic and institutional structures

CIT Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for evaluating and reporting on the quality of education at institutional level, thus establishing success measures, implementing best practices and making recommendations for academic improvements.Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for maintaining a high level of quality teaching, research, and services to students, staff, and community at large, by suggesting and reviewing CIT policies.QAU further develops appropriate qualitative and quantitative measures to better assess both academic and other services based on local, regional and international best practices including standards set by ENQA and other international accreditation boards.

Our annual reports encapsulate a comprehensive overview of our university’s achievements, progress, and milestones throughout the year. These meticulously crafted documents serve as a transparent and informative reflection of our institutional performance, financial stability, and strategic advancements. Through a combination of data-driven analysis, impactful visuals, and narrative storytelling, our annual reports provide stakeholders with valuable insights into our educational initiatives, research accomplishments, and community engagement efforts. These reports not only highlight our successes but also demonstrate our commitment to accountability, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence.

Our brochures serve as comprehensive guides filled with information about our university and academic offerings. They provide a detailed overview of our teaching programs, research fields, campus infrastructure, and much more. With their attractive and well-structured design, our brochures help make information clear and accessible for prospective students, parents, and anyone interested in learning more about the identity and opportunities our university provides. Through carefully chosen photos, graphics, and relevant text, our brochures serve as perfect navigators for getting to know our university in a fully informed and fruitful manner.

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